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They Promise iPhone 6 For Simply Spinning The Wheel

There are hundreds of casino apps around both App Store and Google Store, and we still can’t realize who are those people who do install and play them.

But no longer than an hour ago we’ve found a new game of the genre and decided to share it with you. Any reason? iPhone 6 is the reason. The game is named Treasure Match, and its CEO Oliver Galang promises a new 4,7-inch iPhone 6 for anyone who earns the highest score of the day until iPhone 6 release date (which is September 19).

The game features no in-app purchases and is free to install, though it’s rich with ads. But we may put up with it for a while, if we believe in such marketing kicks.

The rules of the contest are simple: you should like Treasure Match Facebook fan-page and post your scores as well. Only the highest score counts, not accumulative amount. The official press release puts as follows:

Treasure Match will validate all posted scores and ensure that no bots were used and no cheating was involved. Once verified at contest end, Treasure Match will mail out the iPhone 6 to the winner.

More information is on the official website; check the game out here.

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